Karolina Fotyga M.Sc. | psychotherapist | coach

About me

Karolina Fotyga

I am a certified psychotherapist and a coach and I believe the first step to a full life is to make sure we have a healthy relationship with ourselves.

We can then be more present in a moment and able to engage in more meaningful relationships with others.

We can then try and dare to dream and set achievable goals.

I firmly believe the path to a fuller life means exploring our potential. It can lead through therapy, coaching, or other mindful approaches.

People can get better and can work through their misfortunes and struggles. It doesn’t mean we can avoid problems, it means we can learn how to deal with them better.

I understand psychotherapy as a way for people to learn how to connect more meaningfully with others and get a clearer sense of who they are. The pleasant side effects might be feeling more at peace and finding the meaning and purpose in one’s life.


I’ve had the privilege of working with many people over the years who trusted me enough to talk to me about their most intimate experiences and emotional rollercoasters. And I can tell you this – psychotherapy is a powerful set of tools. One that can help you grow and build a life for yourself that is more balanced and intentional.

I have lived and worked in Poland, US, the Middle East, and The Netherlands. I’m bilingual working in both English and Polish, learning French and Dutch in my free time. 🥳

I am happily married and I’m a mom of two teenage people.