About me

Karolina Fotyga

Karolina Fotyga-Lipinska, EAP therapist, ICF coach

I am a certified therapist and a coach and I believe the first step to a full life is to make sure we have a healthy relationship with ourselves. We can then be more present in a moment and able to engage in more meaningful relationships with others.

We can then try and dare to dream and set achievable goals.

I firmly believe the path to a fuller life means exploring our potential. It can lead through therapy, coaching, or other mindful approaches.

People can get better and can work through their misfortunes and struggles. It doesn’t mean we can avoid problems, it means we can learn how to deal with them better.

Therapy can be a beautiful and yet challenging way for people to learn how to connect more meaningfully with others and get a clearer sense of who they are. The pleasant side effects might be feeling more at peace and finding the meaning and purpose in one’s life.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many people over the years who trusted me enough to talk to me about their most intimate experiences and emotional rollercoasters. And I can tell you this – therapy process can lead to unbelievable changes in one’s life. It can help you grow and build a life for yourself that is more balanced and intentional.

I have lived and worked in Poland, US, the Middle East, and The Netherlands. I’m bilingual working in both English and Polish, learning French and Dutch in my free time. 🥳

I am happily married and I’m a mom of two teenage people. 

Experience & Education

I am a therapist certified by the European Association of Psychotherapy, and I have practiced for over 14 years now. 

I have first-hand experience of living and working across countries and cultures, from the Middle East and Europe to the US.

  • Advanced Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Training
  • Mindfulness and Body-Based Approaches in Treatment of Anxiety, Depression and Trauma Training

Where are my patients and clients from 🌍

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Frequently Asked Questions

Karolina Fotyga office

You can read more about it here and here, but in short – you can think about it like this:

Imagine you want to climb some pretty challenging mountain. But you have a backpack full of heavy stones, somehow attached to your back. It’s so heavy, in fact, that you’re already sweating and are bruised all over, and you’re not even on your way, yet.

The thing is – you can’t take it with you, because it’s not safe, it’s uncomfortable and quite distracting. (I mean, of course – theoretically – you CAN, but if you do, your chance to get to the top, make it back AND even remotely enjoy the whole process is pretty slim, isn’t it..) 

In therapy you’ll get rid of the stones that are weighing you down, quite possibly you’ll understand how they got there in the first place, and what to do so that it won’t happen again. You’ll take care of your overall condition and inner resources.

With coaching on the other hand – you’ll work on a clear(er) view of that top, and you’ll come up with a good strategy to get there. *

*Please keep in mind that this is an oversimplified explanation – just for the sake of that brief differentiation.

Both psychotherapy and coaching have the potential to change the quality of your life.

My orientation and training are predominantly Psychodynamic, although I employ aspects of MBT (Mentalization-Based Therapy), ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy), and others (DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Intensive Trauma Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Therapy) to address better the complexity of what you’re coming with.

How I think and understand life is influenced by the works of the great therapists I’ve studied and is never a finished process. The world of art, philosophy, and nature feels necessary to me to try and access the depth and uniqueness of human nature.

In some special circumstances I work with the sliding scale, however, most of the time, the fee for a therapy session is: 100-120 € 

To ensure complete confidentiality of my clients and the therapy setting, I have opted to not work with insurance companies. 

Feel free to consult with your insurance company regarding the possibility of reimbursement – you can check the tab about my professional associations.

Also, some international insurance companies (i.e., Cigna) reimburse psychotherapy sessions held with me – depending on your specific plan. You are, however, responsible for paying the bill yourself. Afterward, you can apply for reimbursement with your insurer.

I usually work with patients/clients once a week, however, we might discuss this further during your first session.

Therapy is a process that is influenced by a lot of factors.When I suggest a specific number of sessions or offer a long term therapy, I do this with the rule in mind that says:

“Therapy should be as long as necessary and as short as possible.”

If you’d like to reschedule or cancel the meeting, please do so max 48h before the scheduled time. Otherwise, the fee is non-refundable.

To safely hold a meeting online, I use a service called Zoom. It is an online platform that has been endorsed by various professional bodies. This choice is both ethical and safe, protecting both the client and the therapist.

You need to have a free account set up before our first session. It’s very intuitive and requires minimal technical knowledge.

– You can either write me an email or give me a call to set up the first meeting: +31 6 393 494 01 or +48 698 685 615

– You can also check the availability of the sessions and book an appointment over here in my calendar.

If you have other questions, feel free to contact me here:


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