Being an HSP means being in constant sensory overload. Your nervous system is working on a 7th gear and you NEED that sleep to wind down. When you’re tired, you’re more irritable, your concentration, productivity, and good mood decrease immensely. You have noticed that, haven’t you?
What is an HSP? What does it even mean? Your senses are heightened. You’re very sensitive to sudden or loud noises, bright light, and strong smells. Things like loud music, the smell of a burning grill, traffic noise, disco lights, even the flushing toilet might startle or irritate you.
Pandemic is the reason why online psychotherapy became more and more common, therefore accessible everywhere, also in the comfort of our own home. Here's a short guide on how to prepare yourself for the video call with your therapist.
Immerse yourself in art. It will help boost your creativity and lower anxiety levels. It's one of those things you can also do online.
Dealing with anxiety is not at all easy even when everything is “normal” in the world. And it's far from 'normal' these days. I'm sharing some proven ways to tackle your anxiety.