Achieving one's goals. Should be a breeze, is it though? There's one key element that is a common denominator for most of our goals - and that is you VISION. Do you know what yours is?
Christmas is a huge trigger for a lot of people. Not everyone wants to or is able to engage in anything Christmasy or finds comfort in being together. For some people, this time of year is a real-life horror story.
Inbox zero is not only good for practical reasons. Decluttering your inbox feels much like decluttering your home, like getting rid of all the mess in your life too. Which means it’s really good for your overall mental wellbeing.
“Dear friends! Don’t postpone any songs, any exams, or your dentist appointment, and above all, don’t postpone love. Don’t tell it – “come tomorrow, or the day after, I don’t have time for you today”. Because it may happen, you’ll open the door and you’ll see this frozen old lady saying – “I’m sorry, I must have confused the address…” And just like that, the spark is gone.”