I thought of writing this post because the question about how I edit my stories is the most often repeated one in the DM section. I keep answering it but with each story new people pop by to ask:) So I gathered all my favorite apps and described which features I use, to make it easier for you. 

You can see some of the stories on my account: www.instagram.com/but.first.tea.blog – I post almost every day.

So there you go - my favorite 8 apps for Instagram stories.

1. Unfold

Whenever I prepare my stories I have this urge for them to look pretty 😉 I’m always guilty of that. To be able to get that curated coherent look I usually use Unfold. Like most Instagrammers these days;) 

It’s classy and clean. I love the templates and the fonts – simple and minimalistic. You can add photos and videos to make it seem very dynamic and pro.

The basic version of the app is free, for the rest of the templates you need to pay additionally.

You can get looks like these:

2. Over

This one is my absolute favorite – the best of the best. Graphics/backgrounds/fonts and the ability to natively use the free pictures from UnSplash.com and Pixabay.com

If I wanted to tell you about all the cool options I’d have to write a separate article on Over. It’s FULL of fun, beautiful, creative options and templates. You’ll be lost for hours discovering endless possibilities. I promise:) This one is designed to work with pictures. 

The pro tip: I often use already created slides from Unfold and then add a little something in Over.

The app is paid. 

You can get looks like these:

3. InShot

This one is pretty comprehensive too. You can use it for video, photo and for making collages. You don’t need much more, to be honest. It’s got all the features you may need: filters, adding stickers, text and all the necessary editing tools too. Huge combo. 

I usually use it for video though. It’s very intuitive and hence easy to use. You can crop, trim and transition beautifully. You can change the speed of your clip, or mix it with the pictures, you may apply filters and text, or use some fancy background if you wish to. One of my fav features is adding the music – it’s very intuitive. You can adjust it to the progress of the clip – making sure you’re able to later use the next app (Continual) to slice your movie into perfect 15-second pieces. 

The app is free, but most of the fun features are paid.

4. Continual

This one is great for your videos you created in Inshot. Whether it’s one long video or a mix of clips and photos you can make it Stories ready by cutting all your work into 15-second pieces. With just one click

The app is paid.

5. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is an app I’m sure most of the teens and tweens here know. I didn’t;) It is free app.

You can basically create your – or somebody else’s avatar here and use it as a sticker to put straight in your stories.  

My avatar looks like this:

6. Hypetype

You can hype your stories with the motion typography. Lots of styles, lots of possibilities. Plus you can easily add your fav music to the slide.

pro version is paid.

7. Snow

This one I’ve discovered some time ago, but haven’t used it too much. I will though because the possibilities are endless. If you’re into retro or other fun editing your videos – you’ll have it all here:)

8. Canva

Everyone knows Canva. It is exactly what you need if you need inspiration. Plenty of templates to choose from, whether you want to use a specific one or you’re just in need of inspiration. Easy and intuitive. This was the first app I’d use before finding the first 4, but it evolves and matures. Still plenty to use here.

Canva is free with paid add-ons.


So, that’s it for now. It’s scary how much fun I’ve had showing you all these 🙂 I’d never guess I’d find myself playing with so many apps:D 

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Do you have anything else you’re using and would like to recommend? If so – share your thoughts in the comments:)