About the stories we tell ourselves, and how therapy might help you.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

One of the reasons a lot of people start thinking about going to therapy is because they want to get rid of the emotions that are making their life unbearably difficult. Sadly, there’s no magic formula for that.
We do something much more powerful and meaningful. We take a closer look at the stories that people tell themselves. On how sometimes what we have on repeat in our head is wrong and one-sided.

The Highly Sensitive Person’s survival guide.

HSP survival guide

Being an HSP means being in constant sensory overload. Your nervous system is working on a 7th gear and you NEED that sleep to wind down. When you’re tired, you’re more irritable, your concentration, productivity, and good mood decrease immensely. You have noticed that, haven’t you?

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? 30 signs that might mean you are.

Am I a Highly Sensitive Person

What is an HSP? What does it even mean? Your senses are heightened. You’re very sensitive to sudden or loud noises, bright light, strong smells. Things like loud music, the smell of a burning grill, traffic noise, disco lights, even the flushing toilet might startle or irritate you.

How to prepare for an online psychotherapy session.

Pandemic is the reason why online psychotherapy became more and more common, therefore accessible everywhere, also in the comfort of our own home. Here’s a short guide on how to prepare yourself for the video call with your therapist.

Immersing yourself in art.

Immerse yourself in art. It will help boost your creativity and lower anxiety levels.
It’s one of those things you can also do online.

Understanding grief. How to live through it and how to support others.

Dying is a part of life. It’s not something we’d chosen, it’s not something we can avoid either. It’s something that awaits us all. And so is grief and mourning. We all go through it. Sometimes we’re able to deal with it ourselves, and sometimes we need professional help. 

A quick guide on how to survive Christmas.*

surviving christmas

Christmas is a huge trigger for a lot of people. Not everyone wants to or is able to engage in anything Christmasy or finds comfort in being together. For some people, this time of year is a real-life horror story.

The whole of the Moon as seen in The Affair.


The Affair is a rich and deep story that’s captivating on many levels. It’s about people who experience… well – life. The storyline is simple. At least in the beginning.

Stop waiting, start living!

Start Living

“Dear friends! Don’t postpone any songs, any exams, or your dentist appointment,

and above all, don’t postpone love.

Don’t tell it – “come tomorrow, or the day after, I don’t have time for you today”.

Because it may happen, you’ll open the door

and you’ll see this frozen old lady saying –

“I’m sorry, I must have confused the address…”

And just like that, the spark is gone.”

What is online psychotherapy?

This piece was a long time coming because questions about teletherapy (online therapy – video sessions – telehealth) are on many people’s minds. Since I have an online presence – and I use my IG account and Facebook to talk about my work – every now and then, I get some questions about how it works. […]

Journaling. Why is it good for you?

Everything and more has already been written about journaling, so why this text? I thought I’d share some insights from a psychological – or better yet – psychotherapeutic perspective. Journaling can be a vital part of mental health care, plus I myself have been journaling since I was a teenager – so how about that […]

Digital minimalism; living beyond your screen.

You know how it is today. A lot of us live our lives out of our phones and laptops. I guess it’s safe to say that’s where we spend a lot (majority??) of our time – hours on end. And there are apps for everything – a lot of them designed to keep us hooked […]

Depression. Is there a way to avoid it?

The question I get asked a lot is: “how do you know it’s already depression and not just some bad mood?” And then there’s the next one that follows – “what can I do to fight the bad mood and not let it transform into depression?”  The answer to the first one is pretty clear. […]

“Wherever You Go, There You Are” – science behind meditation.

What if you knew that there’s an activity (so to say) that has a miraculous impact on your well being? That changes the way your brain functions for the better, makes you more resilient and more capable of dealing with your emotions? That is suitable for everyone and costs… nothing? And also lets you in […]

CREATIVITY. How do we find our unique voice?


What is creativity? Can only certain people create? Is creating always about art?  These are some valid questions, and most of us contemplate on the subject sooner or later. We tend to have different answers to them too. But the reality is undeniable – we are all creators. We all have this unbelievable curiosity – […]

How to stop procrastinating. Best tips backed by science.

pro-cras-ti-na-tion noun: the action of delaying or postponing something Almost everyone procrastinates at some point or in some areas of their life. And so, most of us ask ourselves the same question: “how to stop procrastinating?” Of course – we are all different – we face different situations and have different reactions to them. Something […]