Understanding grief. How to live through it and how to support others.

Dying is a part of life. It’s not something we’d chosen, it’s not something we can avoid either. It’s something that awaits us all. And so is grief and mourning. We all go through it. Sometimes we’re able to deal with it ourselves, and sometimes we need professional help. This essay is about: – Understanding […]

The one thing you probably forget when it comes to making plans.

People tend to go about planning all wrong. For some of us, making plans is like trying to bake a cake by putting an empty form in the oven. That’s not how you do it. To have a beautiful and delicious cake, you have to know all sorts of things. Like what do you feel […]

A quick guide on how to survive Christmas.*

surviving christmas

*Christmas understood as the holiday season – no matter the religion – if any. We can probably all agree – by the end of the year – we might bee in need of rest and some fun, but it doesn’t have to mean the same for everyone. You may not want or be able to […]