Tel Aviv – it puts a spell on you.

And it is a spell alright.  The atmosphere of this place is absolutely amazing! If you’ve ever been to NY you will experience quite a similar vibe here. Some Mediterranean hybrid of it;)  But you might wanna say – while ‘NY is so enormous and diverse, how come the relatively small Tel Aviv could possibly pull this […]

Masada – the legend.

Unique, extraordinary, amazing, stunning. That’s what comes to mind when you think about it. A place that brings to mind a sci-fi moon-like scenery; mystical with breathtaking views. You’ll find it in the middle of the Judean Desert, right next to the Dead Sea. So close you can see its waters should you choose to get […]

What do the Rosh Hanikra grottoes have to do with Borat?

If you fancy high cliffs and amazing grottoes plus the bluest color of the sea – you’ll love Rosh Hanikra. It is a complex of chalk cliff in the North part of Israel – just on the border with Lebanon. Of course – since those two countries are still officially at war – you cannot use […]

The Dead Sea. Is it really dead? Is it really a sea?

Wait, what? So what is DEAD SEA and where is it? Well, from the very beginning. The morbid sounding “Dead Sea” is actually considered to be a lake by some and a sea – by others. As a reminder – in general – seas are large, and salty and deep. Lakes are smaller, with either fresh […]

Hebron – Israeli/Palestinian conflict in a nutshell

Kiryat Arba, Ghost City. Hebron. That would be Hebron H1 – controlled by Palestinian Autonomy and much bigger Hebron H2 – under control of Israel. Hebron is the second biggest Palestinian city – right after Gaza. It was originally known in Tora as Kiryat Arba – The Village of Four. Now Kiryat Arba is the name […]

What to do in Israel?

10+ things you absolutely need to do while in Israel If you do, it will change you. For real. We lived in Israel for over a year, had some amazing weekend getaways, trips, and hikes, we had guests over and toured them around this country numerous times. Fell in love with what this country has […]

What to expect when you’re EXPATing in Israel?

Sooner or later every expat faces the challenges of adjusting to life in a new country. After what may seem either a honeymoon or a crash course in some cases – the real life begins. And so we ask ourselves the question – who am I? Am I a guest? A traveller? Or more of a […]

In the shape of a heart – Makhtesh Ramon

Desert is nearly half of Israel’s territory and it’s often just sand and rocks. Not here though. Makhtesh Ramon – this strange place in the middle of the Negev is one of the most unique and original spots created by nature in all of Israel – and yet – it’s so unknown!  It took us only […]

Eilat – Little Russia of Israel?

I like to call Eilat this way, because together with domestic tourists there’s a whole bunch of the Russian ones. You can hear Russian everywhere, people start the conversation with you using this language, hence the feeling of sort of being ‘abroad’ abroad;) We started our trip from Jerusalem and most of our route was […]