Lost City of Petra

When you think about Jordan – The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to be precise – you immediately think of Petra. The Lost City of Petra. The abandoned city, the city half-built, half-carved into the rock, surrounded by mountains, the Rose city (this is due to the color of the rocks it was carved in). The […]

The Dead Sea. Is it really dead? Is it really a sea?

Wait, what? So what is DEAD SEA and where is it? Well, from the very beginning. The morbid sounding “Dead Sea” is actually considered to be a lake by some and a sea – by others. As a reminder – in general – seas are large, and salty and deep. Lakes are smaller, with either fresh […]

What to do in Israel?

10+ things you absolutely need to do while in Israel If you do, it will change you. For real. We lived in Israel for over a year, had some amazing weekend getaways, trips, and hikes, we had guests over and toured them around this country numerous times. Fell in love with what this country has […]