A year in The Netherlands. Through the eyes of an expat.

It has been a little over a year since we came to the The Hague in The Netherlands. I wrote about my first impressions HERE . Those first months were a regular – full blown ‘honeymoon’. You know – when you don’t see the faults of the other person when you’re constantly amazed with how great they are. And even […]

Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival is held in Amsterdam every year to celebrate the long-awaited return of SPRING. Which is so important in a country where, as I read today, there are only 45 (sic!) sunny days A YEAR. (I choose to believe they meant the FULL days of sun;)    Sakura – from the Japanese word 桜 is […]

Dutch biking. Extreme sport or simply life?

When you start to live in a foreign country it’s always about getting to know it. Getting to know its people, its customs, its everyday knowhow. One of the things that comes to mind when you think about The Netherlands is biking. And so yesterday was my first day of the real biking experience. It […]

10+ reasons to fall in love with the Hague

It has been our first week in The Netherlands – in The Hague to be precise – and I am already close to loving this country. Now, I know that the beginnings give you all the opportunities to idealize, but I really hope it’s not the case. As for now – I really dig this […]