Immersing yourself in art.

Karolina Fotyga


Yes, it’s important to think about the economic repercussions of what’s going on in the world.

Yes, we need to be mindful about the future and about how the world as we know it changes in front of our eyes. How the way we work and operate shift. There are people losing jobs, companies are entering a rough patch. But there are also companies starting up, people switching gears, changing careers, moving more from off to online.

We think about our options for the direction we should take. This is all happening now, and it’s not easy.

It is therefore absolutely imperative that we take care of our mental health. It’s time for us to slow down, not to give in to mass panic, but rather regroup and evaluate what’s next. There are different ways to go about that – sure.

We all need to take care of lowering the anxiety level, taking care of ourselves, and preventing rather than later curing. It’s not possible to grow when we’re held back by anxiety or depression.

Due to the mandatory social isolation introduced in many countries – many of us moved our offices home. The lucky ones I mean. Those who actually can do whatever they usually do at home. Whether they are self-employed or their employer does well enough for the company to function like this.

We, therefore, have more time on our hands. Of course, there’s work to be done, kids to be taken care of, dogs to be walked out, and so on… Since it’s not advised at this point to move anywhere further than between the couch and the kitchen table and maybe the park that’s close by, we can use this time to improve the relationship with ourselves, boost our creativity and maybe START something new.

We can read that book, go through the online course, watch a movie, and YES go to the museum or the opera. Virtually, of course.



It’s actually possible. Technology is unbelievable in this regard. Below you’ll find a list of what’s available out there: part of the list of Arts and Culture by Google

Not only can you see the paintings, but you can WALK around the actual museum, listen to an opera show and so much more. It’s incredible, and I encourage you to take a look.

If you haven’t you can visit Taj Mahal, Louvre or Vienna Opera and many more – I’m pretty sure you’ll love it:)

Among others, you’ll find absolute pearls such as:


Even if you’ve visited some of them irl – this is potentially quite an experience:)

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