Self-care vs self-maintenance. Do you know the difference?

Self-care vs. self-maintenance

The term “self-care” is more and more present in our everyday life. You will hear about it literally everywhere – though it seems that there are many ways to understand what it actually is. You will find lots of posts around social media inviting you to practice self-care, presenting tons of self-care tips, routines, and […]

A quick guide on how to survive Christmas.*

surviving christmas

*Christmas understood as the holiday season – no matter the religion – if any. We can probably all agree – by the end of the year – we might bee in need of rest and some fun, but it doesn’t have to mean the same for everyone. You may not want or be able to […]

The secret behind inbox zero.

inbox zero

It was a slow half-rainy Saturday. I decided to quickly finish up with the closing of the month, and all I needed was a couple of those forgotten invoices from my inbox. So I sat at the computer and then it hit me. It’s not that I never thought about it, it just hit me […]

What is online psychotherapy?


This piece was a long time coming because questions about teletherapy (online therapy – video sessions – telehealth) are on many people’s minds. Since I have an online presence – and I use my IG account and Facebook to talk about my work – every now and then, I get some questions about how it works. […]

Journaling. Why is it good for you?


Everything and more has already been written about journaling, so why this text?  I thought I’d share some insights from a psychological – or better yet – psychotherapeutic perspective. Journaling can be a vital part of mental health care, plus I myself have been journaling since I was a teenager – so how about that […]

Depression. Is there a way to avoid it?


The question I get asked a lot is: “how do you know it’s already depression and not just some bad days?” And then there’s the next one that follows – “what can I do to fight the bad mood and not let it transform into depression?” The answer to the first one is pretty clear. […]