About the stories we tell ourselves, and how therapy might help you.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

One of the reasons a lot of people start thinking about going to therapy is because they want to get rid of the emotions that are making their life unbearably difficult. Sadly, there’s no magic formula for that.
We do something much more powerful and meaningful. We take a closer look at the stories that people tell themselves. On how sometimes what we have on repeat in our head is wrong and one-sided.

The Highly Sensitive Person’s survival guide.

Highly Sensitive Person

If you’ve already read this article on HSPs and you know you might be a Highly Sensitive Person, you might want to read further. You’ll learn all the best ways to take care of yourself and to facilitate your life, so that you can feel a lot better in your skin. (I wanted to write a […]

How to prepare for an online psychotherapy session.

how to prepare for an online psychotherapy session

So your therapist offered you online therapy sessions. It might be because it’s the way they usually work, because you needed it this way, or due to the current – corona virus-related circumstances. I’m guessing you might have a couple of questions in your head. Let me tell you a bit more about how to best […]

Ways to deal with anxiety. Not only in times of pandemic.

How to deal with anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is not at all easy even when everything is “normal” in the world. And it’s far from ‘normal’ these days. The level of difficulty has recently risen significantly.  It’s absolutely natural to feel worried and anxious. But just acknowledging that may not be enough. So how to deal with anxiety in the […]

Understanding grief. How to live through it and how to support others.


Dying is a part of life. It’s not something we’d chosen, it’s not something we can avoid either. It’s something that awaits us all. And so is grief and mourning. We all go through it. Sometimes we’re able to deal with it ourselves, and sometimes we need professional help.  This essay is about: – Understanding […]

Stop waiting, start living!

Start Living

“Dear friends! Don’t postpone any songs, any exams, or your dentist appointment, and above all, don’t postpone love. Don’t tell it – “come tomorrow, or the day after, I don’t have time for you today”. Because it may happen, you’ll open the door and you’ll see this frozen old lady saying – “I’m sorry, I […]

What is online psychotherapy?


This piece was a long time coming because questions about teletherapy (online therapy – video sessions – telehealth) are on many people’s minds. Since I have an online presence – and I use my IG account and Facebook to talk about my work – every now and then, I get some questions about how it works. […]