My name is Karolina Fotyga, and I am a certified therapist, trainer, and coach.

I see my clients in The Hague and Amsterdam (in The Netherlands) and most often online.

” We don’t see the things 

as they are, 

we see them as we are.”

– Anais Nin

I believe the first step to a full life is to make sure we have a healthy relationship with ourselves.

We can then be more present in a moment and able to engage in more meaningful relationships with others.

We can then try and dare to dream and set achievable goals.

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

About the stories we tell ourselves, and how therapy might help you.

One of the reasons a lot of people start thinking about going to therapy is because they want to get rid of the emotions that are making their life unbearably difficult. Sadly, there’s no magic formula for that.
We do something much more powerful and meaningful. We take a closer look at the stories that people tell themselves. On how sometimes what we have on repeat in our head is wrong and one-sided.

On driving and assertiveness

On driving and people’s expectations.

Driving and what happens on the road has a lot to do with how we make our decisions.
There will always be people wanting you to behave in a certain way, trying to force you to change your mind, do what THEY expect of you. Don’t let that cloud your judgment.