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Scientific research on meditation started in the 1950s'. But there's still more and more to be discovered and learned. Research on neuroplasticity has shown that neurons in human brains can change their properties even in adulthood and learn different ways of working. These discoveries may be the basis for lasting, positive changes that occur in the brain during meditation. 
Below, you'll find some of the latest and classic research on how our nervous system (and other systems) changes when we're more mindful - when we meditate. 

The summary, though, might go like this:
The results of research and meta-analyses clearly indicate that programs based on mindfulness meditation, such as MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), have a positive effect on the mental health of those participating in them, and
MBSR is a method with proven effectiveness. Results last longer and support mindfulness and mental health in people with normal or increased stress exposure.

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