What people often think is that the only choice they have to treat anxiety is between pills and psychotherapy. There's more - mindfulness and meditation for anxiety.
“Meditation is complete, unbiased attention to the current moment.” A study from Harvard says that we are lost in our thoughts over 47% of the time. That’s astounding if you think about it. It could very well be that half of our life we’re not even here.
Self-care is what we do for ourselves, our ability to take care of ourselves and maintain our overall wellbeing. It can be something as trivial as brushing our teeth, getting dressed, or getting enough sleep.
Imposter Syndrome thrives on inaccurate comparison of us and the others. And the truth is - we don't really know what other people are struggling with - and we tend to idealize those we look up to.
One of the reasons a lot of people start thinking about going to therapy is because they want to get rid of the emotions that are making their life unbearably difficult. Sadly, there's no magic formula for that. We do something much more powerful and meaningful. We take a closer look at the stories that people tell themselves. On how sometimes what we have on repeat in our head is wrong and one-sided.